The sponsors and promoters of SPND have been involved in sole proprietor and company business for over 30 years, and have been helping the public register trade names and for personal tax as far back as 1982.

Our first Defensive Name registered in 1982 was for the sole proprietorship “International Order Agency” who sold Pig Farming Books through Farmer’s Weekly for R13.50 each.

Since then we have helped thousands of sole proprietors formalise their businesses through various means of name registration, marketing advice, drawing up of income statements and balance sheets, tax registration, etc.

We have also visited hundreds of homes across South Africa, including many in Soweto and Seshego, interviewing sole proprietors about their businesses, how to improve them and use them to harness loans which in turn can be of great benefit to their work and families.

Until now, no comprehensive verification service has been available to the millions of individuals in South Africa who prefer to run their business as a sole proprietor. SPND addresses that situation and assists the Sole Proprietor in the secure presentation and verification of his/her trading details.

There is a group of people, SPND, who have your interests at heart as a Sole Proprietor in South Africa and have invented a way of formalising your basic trade information to make your businesses certified, more credible and easy to verify.

This can only lead to better business, less fraud, more clients and more ready acceptance of business credentials by third parties.