SPND uses a network of many third-party affiliates country-wide to introduce Sole Proprietor applicants to SPND for registration and certification.

We pay 10% commission per approved application, accumulated and paid over monthly by bank transfer in South Africa or by PayPal.

All you have to do is place the link Sole Proprietor Registration® in a suitable place on your website.

Here is the HTML:

<a href= target=_blank>Sole Proprietor Registration®</a>

When we receive orders from that link we will receive a referrer indicator in the encrypted order which gives the exact URL from where the order came.

Submit a test order through to us first, so we can get your web address, visit your site, check the link placement, and contact you through your Contact page.

Then we will know the link on your site works and we can start to accumulate your commission. This is a convenient way to create an additional income stream.