SPND® – Sole Proprietor National Database® is a certification and registration of Sole Proprietors in South Africa.

The purpose is to formalise and summarise certain key aspects of Sole Proprietorship such as trade names, income tax registration, business purpose and contact details in order to make it easier to present and verify such information.

“How do I register on the Database?”

  1. Apply for a secure Sole Proprietor Certificate®. (Please note: This is the same as applying for Sole Proprietor Registration®.)
  2. Upon issue, your Sole Proprietor details appear in the SPND Database®.
  3. Your entry is immediately searchable at
  4. You receive your secure Sole Proprietor Certificate® by email.

If you are a bank, client or other 3rd party, you may request to have your Sole Proprietor client or service provider email you their secure Sole Proprietor Certificate®, so you can see if they are legit. Then you can check their details on the SPND Database. If they say they do not yet have a Sole Proprietor Certificate®, then you can refer them to and ask them to apply for one.