I Technical Services

Certificate Number: SPND-01-381-392
Sole Proprietor Name: Iqbal Essop
Identification: South African Identity Document
Citizenship: South African
Income Tax Number: YES – with South African
Revenue Service
Trading/DBA/Defensive Name: I Technical Services
Defensive Name Ref.No.: 1337980DN
Defensive Name Jurisdiction: South Africa
Defensive Name Original Date: 12 February 2016
Defensive Name File No.:
Defensive Name Renewal Date: 12 February 2018
Defensive Name Reminder Set: 12 December 2017
Purpose of Sole Proprietorship: Sale of new high pressure machines e.g. used by
car wash entities with
high pressure hoses
Sale of spares for high
pressure machines
Repair and Service
of high pressure machines etc.
Business license/permit: N/A
Email address: itechnicalservices101@gmail.com
Website address: N/A
Telephone number: 082 560 6255
Trading Address: Johannesburg, 2026, Gauteng, South Africa
Entry date: 19 February 2016