YMB Trading

  Certificate Number: SPND-0-279-714-570
  Sole Proprietor Name: Michael-Anthony Barnard
  Identification: South African
  Citizenship: South African
  Income Tax Number: YES – with South African Revenue Service (SARS)
  Trading/DBA/Defensive Name: YMB Trading
  Defensive Name Ref.No.: 134137DN
  Defensive Name Jurisdiction: South Africa
  Defensive Name Original Date: 1 September 2022
  Defensive Name File No.: 112232737
  Defensive Name Renewal Date: 1 September 2024
  Defensive Name Reminder Set: 1 July 2024
  Purpose of Sole Proprietorship: Distributing of various kinds of products to the public. Building of warehouses and generators, trading products to the mine
  Business license/permit: N/A
  Email address: michaelbarnard77@gmail.com
  Website address: N/A
  Telephone number: 0724623571
  Trading Address: Jordaan Park, Heidelberg, Gauteng, 1441, South Africa
  Entry date: 8 September 2022